Friday, 9 October 2015

Leg anatomy study [wip]

Photoshop comp

zbrush screengrab

Polypaint wip

Medical project (Bone, muscles, ligaments and joints bio mechanics)  am working on. The main aim is to produce a series of 3D models/images and animation to illustrate the bio mechanic functions for educational purposes.

Key Points:

-Leg anatomy: An introduction to the basic anatomy of the leg, this will include different layers which can be hidden in sections. Skin>fat>muscle/ligaments>bones. The leg will also be used as the main visual component for the project. It will be broken into different sections to cover individual lessons.

Bone Structure: The femoral head, cut through to demonstrate the difference in outer edge structure [solid] vs inner [spongy] structure. Mechanical testing, stress/strain and demontrate porosity.

-Bone ageing process: Simple slice/cross section to show the progress over time.

-Bone Healing process: Show the progress over time.

-Joint Characteristics: Develop a true representation of the knee. Peel away all the layers and explain liquid behaviour, general breakdown.

-Tendon: Illustrate/show tendon fibers stretching and relaxed

-Muscle structure: Slice and general breakdown