Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Darunia update

Not naked anymore, added more subtool accessories on him and a few wrinkles here and there, spent most of the time messing about on his wild facial hair which is still messed up now ¬__¬, defined more on the muscle tone and hoping the anatomy looks ok. Mainly guessed it as I didnt get much success on googling "goron anatomy", also trying to keep him simple and friendly looking as the game intended, but keep getting the urge to do the opposite..........maybe after ;O

Mr. Darunia Nude

Just another zbrush wip and this is one of my favourite and well known character in the legend of zelda series, not completely finished as you can see. I've been working on this for atleast 2hours from start. This mainly gave me a good chance to familiar myself with the different brushes and techniques in zbrush, especially with sculpting hair and muscle. I will post an updated version soon with more visual details and hopefuly textures.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Computaa

 Havent been able to make anything for a couple of weeks, was a hectic ending to 2011 and a slow start to 2012, BUT I HAVE BEEN BUSY, i think.
Here are some screen grabs, not much but better than nothing i guess.
Started adding more to my asset collection, all made in different bits, built together at the end. Still messing around with lighting so its a bit dark. I might discard doing this in 3ds max and try it in the udk engine instead, once ive installed it.

Back view, not much going on here.
Lighter version, can actually see whats infront.
Back view.
Now here are the bits of assets i used to make this monstrosity and i still have more on the way, but these will do for now.

Decided to take a break from max after making all these and touch up on my zbrush, I really wanted to get use to zbrush and get the grip of being comfortable with it, and so whats the best way to do so none other than sculpt a legendary pokemon...