Monday, 10 October 2011


So just a quick update, finally remembered my account details here haha, therefore I'll be able to post and show more of what Ive been up to since the end of DFK racing and graduation. Currently working along side "Gameslabwales" with character designs and portfolio is finished but still need some polishing up to do.

Felt that i lacked vehicles in my portfolio so decided to add this to my collection, not completely finished but its getting there. Polycount so far is around 7800 and it is still yet to be unwrapped, oh joy -_-

Currently working on a charter model for racing game called "Much for haste to igford" and this is him :D still working on weather to go low to high or the other way round on this dude, but reading up on going high to low. That will do for now, PEACE!